The Municipality of Dorida is establishing a network of cities with lakes in Europe. The project is within the framework of the program “European Year of Citizens 2007-2013” of the European Union.

The main areas of interest would be:

– Good management of lakes and surroundings
a) Registration of fauna and flora
b) Establish a European map of national and regional nature reserves

– Research , Education/teleteaching of: citizens, schools and universities about the good quality of lakes and good friendly use of its water
– Strengthen the European consciousness
– Green Growth
– Establish a prize among participants to encourage the good management of lakes

Latest News

(Ελληνικά) 1η Γενική Συνέλευση Δικτύου Πόλεων με Λίμνες

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10 September / συνέχεια

Development Conference Federation of Northwest Doris

556756_446583778782278_711606860_n Presentation of the Network of Cities with Lakes by President Mr. George Kapentzonis...
14 August / συνέχεια

Integration of the Network of Cities with Lakes Cities in the Covenant of Mayors in BrusselsΈνταξη του δικτύου Πόλεων με Λίμνες στο Σύμφωνο των Δημάρχων στις Βρυξέλλες

brussels 1 On 24.06.2013 the Network of Cities with Lakes with the signature of President Giorgos Kapentzoni joined the Covenant of Mayors. The Covenant of Mayors is the main European movement involving local and regional authorities, who voluntarily commit to increase the energy efficiency and the use of...
14 August / συνέχεια

Participation in conference of Greek-German networks to promote winter tourism in Volos

transparent (1) 18.5.2013 The event was sponsored by the Region of Thessaly, Volos Municipality, the Municipality of Zagora, the  General Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany in Thessaloniki, the Office of Gree-German Cooperation, the Association of Ski Centres and the Representation of Hanns Sei...
14 August / συνέχεια

Participation at the webinar ELENA-CEB Technical assistance for sustainable energy funding

The Council of European Development Bank (CEB) has developed the CEB-ELENA, a program that provides support to public institutions by subsidizing the technical assistance they need to prepare and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy sources such as hydro, solar and targeting envi...
14 August / συνέχεια